Doing Whatever It Takes- Leadership 101

So today I watched a video clip of an irate parent who went to the news because a teacher at an elementary school "jumped on the hood of her car".  I was curious so I watched.  What I quickly realized is how the story was incredibly one sided and highly annoying as the teacher was berated for attempting to stop a parent who refused to follow school safety rules.  In this video Hal Boman ( Teach Like a Rockstar) gave an amazing commentary about the teacher in the video and gave insight into what is really like for teachers and administrators when it comes to the safety of the students we serve, by doing whatever it takes to get the job done. 

So here are my two cents: 
Adults need to set good examples for their children and stop thinking that rules don't apply to them. If parents want to make their own rules for school then by all means opt for Home School.

Second has anyone stopped to realize that educators are not trained security officers? When you see us standing in the middle of the street directing traffic for hundreds of parents to pick up and drop of their children in a SAFE and ORDERLY fashion it's done while putting our lives at risk with limited resources. In my past experience I had to get funds donated just to purchase safety cones and reflective vests for staff to add an additional layer of support. 

Third We have to change the narrative about happens in our schools.  Instead of the teacher Mr. Aaron Morgan being praised for being a leader and protecting children's safety by any means  necessary we allow a parent to get valuable airtime to bad mouth yet another teacher.  I wanted to hear the news broadcaster ask questions to have Rita take responsibly of her actions, but sadly that didn't happen.   Rita was trespassing , driving the wrong way, and refusing to follow directions UNACCEPTABLE- howboutdat??!!!! 

Educators need to stand up and start demanding that our schools be deemed a safe place for students to learn and adults to work.  Continue doing whatever it takes to change the narrative of what happens in schools and what real leaders do every day!  Whatever it takes! Even if it means that we jump on the hood of a car of parent who is putting the lives of children in danger in the car riding zone!

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