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about the Assistant principal academy

Assistant Principal Academy is an exclusive membership platform for current and aspiring assistant principals and vice principals that helps to build their leadership skills through digital products, connection to expert information and essential training.  It aids in preventing information overload and bridges the gap between planning and execution. 

The academy provides  training materials and resources on a variety of subjects within the realm of school leadership from the creator as well as veteran school leadership experts. Current training topics include:

  • How to survive the AP World

  • Parent Engagement

  • Building Positive School Culture

  • Networking

  • Data Analysis

  • And many more!

Assistant Principal Academy was created by Katrina Riley. She is the founder of #principalnerd, You can learn more about her here.

Benefits of Membership

  • Digital AP journal/planner

  • Monthly AP newsletter with tips for navigating the AP role

  • Private "members only" Facebook group for networking and discussion

  • Monthly office hours via Facebook Live w/ founder of Principalnerd KRiley

  • Access to training resources

  • Access to digital resources featuring downloadable PDFs

  • Access to mastermind sessions w/ guest presenters w/ opportunity to be a featured guest

  • Discounts for future products

  • Special reduced rates for coaching services

  • Networking opportunities

Who Should Join?

As a chosen member of the Principalnerd's Assistant Principal Academy, you will have access to an array of actionable tools and resources. We understand as a school leader in today’s society, there is a plethora of information available – too much actually. APA makes it easy for you to streamline your information  and gives you what you need, when you need it. Whether your goal is to have a successful first year,  master data analysis, or prepare to promote to the next level APA has what you need. Not to mention, you’ll expand your network by interacting with other administrators who could potentially become collaborators and partners.

Assistant Principal Academy is perfect for...

  • Ambitious school leaders who want to promote

  • Aspiring APs who are looking to gain knowledge and experience

  • Assistant principals/ Vice principals who are looking to enhance their leadership skills.

Cost of Membership

There are two payment options with Principalnerd's Assistant Principal Academy. The first is our monthly membership option at $27/month. This is an automatic payment but you can cancel at anytime. The second option is our annual subscription billed yearly at $279/year. With this option you two months of membership for free. SPECIAL INVITE ONLY SPECIAL- JOIN TODAY FOR ONLY $5.00 FOR THE FIRST MONTH!


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Meet K. Riley


Hi I’m K. Riley- the Principalnerd, I am a principal coach and educational career specialist, I help school leaders reach their educational career goals and I love it. I’ve been a teacher, assistant principal, instructional and principal coach. I know first hand what it is is like to need additional support and not having the resources to get it. When I was an Assistant Principal I can remember how difficult it was to find resources and a network of other APs. It can be frustrating when you feel like you don’t have a voice or sacred space to ask for help. That’s one reason why I created this space to provide assistant principals the essential skills necessary to be a successful school leader.

I look forward to working with you soon!


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